Spring in the Watershed

Western Trillium is a welcome sign of spring


As part of the Salt and Salmon Study, the Yorkson volunteers have been able to monitor the conductivity and temperature of our creek’s water and check on juvenile salmon populations at two locations: one impacted by salt and one away from roads (non-impacted). To learn about the study, check out this article featuring a YWES volunteer and a local creek resident! CoSMo Winter 2023 newsletter



On April 6, we had our annual Chum Fry Release! It was a joy to welcome back families from the local area to help the 50,000 fish get from the tank trailer to the creek!




Join us on Tuesday, May 9 at 7:30-8:30 pm. Our next volunteer activity is a roadside clean up along 208 St. beside the Yorkson wetlands. Meet at 102B Ave. and 208 St.

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