Salt degrades water quality – YWES seeks a better solution


YWES members are concerned about the use of coarse road salt on paths near salmon-bearing watercourses in Langley. We are pursuing dialogue on this issue with the Township of Langley.  Stoney Creek Environment Society prepared this poster on the effects of chloride contamination on salmon development.

ESA Poster

Tree Bylaw for Langley? It’s about time!

Update: March 2019: Tree Canopy Bylaw options is a line in the approved budget. Research, public consultation and open houses should be occurring soon. This is an important step forward towards a tree bylaw.

In March, 2018, YWES members helped organize and present a delegation to Langley Township council in support of a tree bylaw for Langley. The motion did not pass, as current council voted to leave this for the incoming council after the October 2018 elections. YWES will continue to raise awareness for the importance of trees and green space as the election nears.

212th Connector East Ribbon Pic6 (1024x232)UPDATE: The Tara Farm property owner has applied for an exclusion to the ALR. Read the updated October 2017 article from the Langley Times. To sign the petition to protect remaining trees on Tara Farms, contact YWES. YWES members are working with Watchers of Langley Forests (WOLF) to conserve the remaining forest on the Tara Farms property in Willoughby. This beautiful, mature second-growth forest is in the midst of being clear-cut for development. It’s not too late to make a difference! Sign the petition or email YWES to lend your voice to the cause. To find out more, read the Feb. 16, 2017 article from the Langley Times.

212th Connector East Ribbon Pic1

YWES president Natal Cicuto has been successful in encouraging the Langley Township to improve culvert design to benefit salmon spawning habitat. Two of the ‘salmon-friendly culverts’ have been installed recently along Yorkson Creek. 86 culvert overview (1024x683)

86 culvert interior (768x1024)