Good News in the Yorkson Watershed 2020

Culverts Completed

Work has been completed on the replacement culverts on Yorkson Creek at Hwy 1 and West Munday Creek at the West Langley Hall. Both projects should allow better access to spawning salmon. The Hwy 1 project also left the temporary small culvert in place to serve as a wildlife tunnel. It will be interesting to see how this is used.

Yorkson Floodplain restoration project

Township of Langley has improved the habitat west of 208 St. and north of the railway tracks by adding wildlife snags, boulders, curves, ponds and native plants to a previously channelized section of the floodplain that was choked with reed canary grass. YWES volunteers were able to help with the planting of hundreds of native trees and shrubs during a dry spell in early October. We were encouraged by the potential of this site to be a nursery for young salmon, and to allow many other species of wildlife to thrive! Great Blue Herons are already enjoying the new perches. We plan to continue working to improve this site in the future.

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