Fall in the Yorkson Watershed

It’s a beautiful and busy time of year for our watershed and volunteers.

  • Rivers Day 2017 – Members volunteered to teach about watersheds at Rivers Day. It’s always a fun-filled day.River day 2017
  • Salmon will be once again making their miraculous journey up Yorkson creek from the ocean, following their instincts to spawn in their natal gravel beds. Volunteers will be tallying the adult spawners. Contact YWES to help out.
  • Students in Grade 9 Science at Walnut Grove Secondary are taking on an important inquiry project: monitoring the health of West Munday Creek, a tributary to the Yorkson. The students will monitor biological, physical and chemical aspects of water quality and will track their findings over several months. We look forward to working with these students and their teacher.
  • An update on the Tara Farms property can be found here.

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